Meet The Team

Martine Bradford – Creative Director

Jim Riley – Founder, Chair of Board of Trustees and Circus Tutor

Charma Force – Project Coordinator and Circus Tutor

Gil Burns – Project Coordinator, Circus Tutor & Choreographer

Gwyn Fitton – Finance Officer

Mick Chapman –  Circus Tutor

Annette Force – Aerial and Circus Tutor

Martin Degnan – Circus Tutor

Steve Broomhead – Circus Tutor and Music Maker

Martin James Lee – Board of Trustees and Aerial and Circus Tutor

Olivia Maxim – Circus tutor and admin apprentice

Noreen White – Project Fundraiser and on the Board of Trustees

Eira Short – Board of Trustees

Jane – Board of Trustees

Christy – Board of Trustees

James Mack – Board of Trustees

Lucie Alice Walker –  Youth Circus Volunteer

Daniel Williams – Youth Circus Volunteer

Jamie – Admin Volunteer